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Played a role in this action

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1 Played a role in this action on Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:05 pm


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While Ellison was ignored C Luo, for this just so that is likely to be made the culprit of a miscarriage of justice, Ellison will not follow each other's meaning.

And C is also aware of their situation and understand each other now is that some see their bad mood, that being the case, nike nfl jerseys,the next you have to be careful, you know, themselves, also carrying a yellow card Nick !

Mellberg's steals which is a fast counterattack in Sweden, the ball quickly spread to the foot of the Rosenberg's, Rosenberg in the ball forward quickly to sudden, Portugal, several defense stopped after the intermission, the ball to Lee Woon-jae there.

Lee this case, the ball will be what kind of consequences that no one knows, so the Portuguese players who are very nervous, quickly round and round over and want to let Li Yun stop live forward pace.

Played a role in this action, seems to be afraid of so many opponents, Li Yun is indeed stopped Shortly thereafter, he made another a very deadly thing has been a plug!

And this Zhisai not a simple straight plug, but with the nirvana of Zhisai! Strong eagle pass, this expertise is used to Zhisai pass, at this moment once again reflects its value, through the layers of defense of Portugal, came directly to the foot of the Rosenberg.

The ball is due to Rosenberg's own efforts to pass the ball to Li Yun and did not give up the chance of their own goals, go directly towards the front, waiting for the arrival of the opportunity.

Sure enough, the opportunity will always favor those who are prepared, Rosenberg's tireless mobile in exchange for his scoring opportunities, Li Yun's Zhisai right to spread his feet, while the Luo Senbei around already without can be a threat to his people, which makes him very easy ball kill the penalty area, Coach Purses outlet,directly facing the Ricardo.

Goalkeeper and then severe, the face of this completely with adequate space and prepare the single ball, there is no way, Ricardo can do only with the most reasonable means of attack, but, even so, Rosen Berry the impeccable's Tuishe, Ricardo no way.

Ball into the fifth, Sweden in the first half the game is already scored five goals, which allow them to score the gap is widened to four balls. Portugal's impact not only effective, but is to make the score is widening.


C - half in Sweden clearly see this scene, which makes him more depressed, and was originally thought that the effect of their breakthrough back and pulled one back for Portugal, but the fact is that Portugal lag behind more more

Next, in the first half remaining a little time, both sides never again to score with the score 5:1, the two teams into the intermission.

Time of 15 minutes is very short, and soon, nfl jerseys authentic,the two teams returned to the stadium on top, ready to start the second half of the game.

Sweden, no substitutions, continue to play in the first half of the original cast, while Portugal is the replacement of a player, Simao played, replacing a center Pauleta.

The Simao the winger origin, although playing Middle Road can also be, but obviously it will become very weak, so his appearance, and also indicates that the second half, C-more time, is in the middle.

C Ronaldo is a very complete player, although the location of his debut on the right, but as time goes on, he went to the left, then simply but also can play center, based on the natural advantage of his body, he these locations can become a very good role, he played these locations are no problem.

From the start the second half, Portugal the first to occupy the initiative. Sweden, after the rest seems to be the leading edge is too large, or intermission when the rest too far, anyway, is not prior to that state, Portugal sudden suppressed.

But even so, Portugal, Sweden's defense is very difficult to tear, Figo is not hope, he now can only be by virtue of their experience to schedule team. Simao is a new force, it is difficult to play the gap from the Swedish defense to.

C Luo had a chance, but he has been Mellberg firmly locked, nothing can be done.

Before Mellberg according to their own ideas and the recommendations of Li Yun, hit set his mind against the C Luo absolutely will not have any scruples, what means to make out. This trick is really effective, most of the time, nfl jerseys china,even Mellberg foul, the referee will not blow, C Luo depressed is also no way, they can not and referees too excited, afraid to eat a second yellow card sent off.

And even sentenced Mellberg foul Elissondo are irrelevant location, good location and the restricted area, he is not absolutely whistled, but no absolute certainty. C Luo is also hesitant to diving, as the same have to eat the possibility of a yellow card.

"It does not work, it was not OK, fuck, I had enough!"

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