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true love stories in hindi

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forget you my best man

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1 forget you my best man on Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:12 pm


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"Calderon,Jerseys from china,is not to sell, not to sell NINO (Fernando Torres)." This is the last words of the Hill's legacy. Chairman of the controversial still Atletico Madrid people love to Atletico Madrid man has brought untold happiness and passion, the love of his Atletico Madrid will not be forgotten. When people talk about this great team, always difficult to bypass this crazy pious president, as his raving lie, always be remembered and bearing in mind.
But most Atletico fans tangled after he won the youth team what kind of people, and then announced the dissolution of the Atletico Madrid youth team, forcing Raul - Gonzalez, the young players, no way can only be joining Real Madrid youth team then become the most terrifying striker of Real Madrid camp.
Atletico Madrid President Cerezo of former Vice-Chairman is also the second largest shareholder, and their shareholders Meikle - Angel - Hill, general manager, the third largest shareholder is the vice chairman is also chief financial officer The Ava Solow.
Atletico Madrid's general manager, Mikel - Angel - Hill is a small hill, he personally came to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, his purpose is to Ajax Buy Mark transfer intentions.
Ajax naturally straightforward, eight million euros, less a child not of Atletico right to just handover, so now they are eager to prepare dry a big deal, so the fans to cheer about confidence. Originally, Hill is prepared to go privately to contact Mark, and then initialed an agreement after negotiations with Ajax club.
But Hill did not think Mark's agent actually silently rebuffed the negotiating proposals, and then let him talk and Ajax club, Ajax agreed to marks only after the transfer and Atletico Madrid to negotiate individual contracts.
Hill am very curious in today's world of football really, few players do not agree to privately interview the transfer contract, although the marks from the Ajax youth academy team, but this one is not their own self-interest allegiance to a club people have to generate means respect.
Hill also asked about the price on the van der Vaart, after all, Mark's fame was limited to the Netherlands, although it marks known as the discovery of this season's Eredivisie League, but only a new star, so the Hill or his concerns. While van der Vaart, van der Vaart but wore the Eredivisie talented midfielder Cruyff successors of the first in the whole of Europe, Cheap Nike jerseys,fame, and also participated in the just-concluded session of the European Cup, and if the introduction of van der law special words can definitely makes the club improved to some extent from the reputation of the above, the most important thing is to let the fans of Atletico Madrid to see the club's ambition.
Madrid's board members are ready to make a big sum of consecutive large sums of money above the transfer market, ready to fight against their city rivals Real Madrid.
"Mark, Atletico Madrid is not looking for you, want you to join their team?" Van der Vaart had a telephone call to Mark, Atletico Madrid, general manager of Hill have been privately contacted him, Van der Vaart for a change that is not above bad thing, after all, the Ajax competitiveness is very limited, especially directly out of the Champions League group stage last season, van der Vaart some chilling.
This season, Ajax has become a transfer supermarket, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been a move to Juventus, the marks also go to Dortmund, Germany to visit the two main players are about to run away Van der Vaart, right now the club prospects for the future are confused. Ibrahimovic exodus van der Vaart would like to see replace Ibrahimovic is eye-catching performance in the European Cup winning team of Greece member Charles Sturt Elias, van der Vaart from time to that the Charlie Brad Ibrahimovic to be excellent, he was able to Greece performance eye-catching because of Greece coach Otto Rehhagel conservative tactics are suitable for him, but Ajax representatives of attacking football in the Netherlands, impossible to create the kind of conservative tactical style.
Atletico Madrid this season, after all, Elilte nfl jerseys,just the League Cup team but there is still a problem, and Ajax was able to participate in higher-level game of the Champions League, van der Vaart delay can not make decisions because. But Van der Vaart also know that Ajax club also accepted the offer of Atletico Madrid marks, so he wanted to ask Mark's opinion, after all, a good friend to join the team together is not also the province of lonely, and this is Why do some players would like to join multi-national players of the club, because this way will better adapt to the team.
"They also did not come talk to me about it," Mark said truthfully, and then mark some curious asked: "Raphael, Atletico Madrid looking for you to talk about the transfer thing?"
"Yes, they privately have contacted me and promised me the main location, and will also sell off the Argentine playmaker Ibagaza give me to vacate the position, so I would like to seek your opinion after all, have a care of our brothers together. "Van der Vaart said:" Yes, there is one thing, my wedding was held a month later, the time you must attend ah, do not forget you my best man. "
So fast, Cheap nfl jerseys,will not be too hurried, "asked Mark surprised toward the van der Vaart. Mark did not expect to get the van der Vaart quietly put wedding, but also so fast, how to let Mark be surprised then.
"In fact, I already have this intention, from the day you celebrate when I has been prepared, but has not been to the Silvia to marry him, the holiday when I marry him put things are completed, I do, brother-in-law, "Van der Vaart said proudly.

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